Organisations harness the wisdom of community to solve problems or create new knowledge. Multiple organisations, diverse communities and multiple platforms are forming ecosystems to co-create value. We observe that Libraries, Archives, Galleries and Museums are forming collaborative crowdsourcing ecosystems to curate knowledge and create knowledge that ecosystem-wide stakeholders can use. However, despite the collaborative nature of crowdsourcing, various tensions arise among actors that hinder effective outcomes. Through a qualitative case study, we identify crowdsourcing actor networks and explore their tensions that hinder effective outcomes. We propose a strategic governance approach to foster crowdsourcing-based collaboration in a complex and dynamic ecosystem to create and capture value. This study presents a shift in the traditional schema of structured hierarchical governance of crowdsourcing projects to unstructured non-hierarchical governance of a multi-actor crowdsourcing ecosystem. The value propositions of crowdsourcing ecosystem actors networks are value co-creation, resource sharing, collective ownership, and mutual dependency.


Paper Number 1163; Track Governance; Complete Paper



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