Health information system (HIS) is widely used in the healthcare industry to improve healthcare quality. It is essential to evaluate HIS adoption and assimilation in the post-implementation stage. This study argues that the factors influencing HIS success are not isolated, but are determined by the interaction of Human, Organization and Technology. Accordingly, this study proposes a conceptual model based on the HOT-fit framework, combining the IS Success model and the IS Individual Assimilation model to explore the influence of these factors’ interplay on HIS success. We adopt a fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) to showcase that there are five configurations of human, organizational and technological factors that lead to high organization benefit from HIS implementation. This study contributes to the HIS literature by introducing a configurational approach to explore the complex causal relationships between antecedents and outcomes and proposing a holistic model for HIS evaluation.


Paper Number 1586; Track General; Short Paper



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