The disruptive nature of digitalization and the complexity and ambiguity of their technical properties require many new skills from employees today. Recent research emphasizes that the employees’ digital mindset plays an essential role in digital transformation by leveraging employee engagement. This paper aims to advance the understanding of how the behavioral outcomes of digital mindset, which encompass interpersonal interaction, focus of attention, enthusiasm for development, perspective on setbacks, and construal of effort, can be positively influenced during digital initiatives. We develop a novel research model integrating two literature streams: information technology and mindset. We conceptually link back to the behavioral outcomes of digital mindset by looking at the influence of IT governance mechanisms as potential antecedents. Our model explains how IT governance mechanisms influence the behavioral outcomes of digital mindset and helps future researchers by providing propositions on the impact of IT governance mechanisms towards more employee engagement.


Paper Number 1464; Track General; Complete Paper


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