Gamification has become a popular tool for promoting user engagement on digital platforms. While previous studies have explored gamification affordances and desired behavioral outcomes across various contexts and perspectives, a comprehensive study that consolidates these findings has yet to be proposed. This research employs a meta-analysis research method to examine the relationship between gamification affordances, perceived value, and behavior through a review of 20 papers (N= 7733) using the stimulus-organism-response (S-O-R) framework. The results show that achievement-related, social-related, and immersion-related affordances influence behavior through individuals' perceived functional, social, and emotional values. Significantly, achievement-related affordance and functional value have the strongest effect on user behavior. Interestingly, achievement-related affordances have the most effective influence on social value. Consequently, this study contributes to both the theoretical and practical implications of gamification literature and industry.


Paper Number 1435; Track Human; Complete Paper


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