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This paper draws on the Cultural attractor theory and Cultural immersion theory to explore the relationship between cultural content produced by ethnic minority groups (EMGs) and online viewers’ watching experience. Unlike the major group, EMG's cultural advantages can be applied to live streaming content and enhance online viewers’ cultural immersion. Considering the social and cultural differences among EMG live streamers, this study applies the Regional difference theory as a guide for the multi-group analysis of correlations and designs EMG live streamers’ regional background as a moderating factor. Through the variance-based structural equation modelling (SEM) and partial least squares (PLS) path modelling, the expected outcome of this paper is to provide EMG live streamers with suitable suggestions, aiming to improve their live content quality and enhance their social influence. As EMG live streamers’ influence grows, EMG culture will gain more attention, and EMGs’ standard of living will improve sequentially.


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