PACIS 2022 Proceedings


Telemedicine is a complex Information System involving diverse human & non-human actors and their interactions that determine patient-care outcomes. Telemedicine has been practiced and researched since mid-1990s in many countries. Advances in ICT, Health-Information-Technology (HIT) like videoconferencing, IoT, health-wearables have led to newer designs & actors, which transform the place of care from hospital to home, community-spaces with emphasis on direct patient-physician interactions. Human-actors like technicians, healthcare-workers, non-human-actors like telemedicine-equipment, longitudinal health-records are prominent. Diverse actors must interact, coordinate for effective physician consultations. Social, structural factors increase complexities in the interactions. This research aims to explicate the complexities in Telemedicine interactions and coordination by using Sociotechnical perspective that emphasizes both technical artifacts, social contexts. Sociotechnical view is used sparingly in prior studies. It views outcomes as emerging from the interaction between the two and focuses on instrumental & humanistic outcomes.



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