PACIS 2022 Proceedings


The research emerges with new insights of Information System (IS) articulations and pathways of connecting human-anatomy, physiology, psychology, and human-behavior ecological entities and their attributes. The connectivity is the basis for examining various mental disorders and their discernment in digital representations. Several types of mental disorders in groups and classes are presentable by offering novel IS artefacts and their articulations of mental ailment attributes. We have chosen to map and model abnormal thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and behavioral pattern attributes that lead to anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia ailments, which can be deadly and suicidal. The study is further aimed at associating IS articulations and domain ontologies in a common framework, articulated among attributes of mental health for managing remedial trials and mitigating preventable ailments. The IS artefacts deduced in various logical star, and fact constellation schemas demonstrate the interdependence between groups of mental disorders and assimilate their connectivity in spatial-temporal dimensions.



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