PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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While the automotive industry is in the midst of fundamental transformations, Tesla has repeatedly applied strategic resource openness initiatives (e.g., open patents, open-source code, open infrastructure). Existing resource openness perspectives associate such initiatives with anticipated advantages regarding value appropriation or profitability on an organizational level. However, our inductive research-in-progress Tesla case study shows that the ramifications of opening up proprietary resources also extend to an industry level. We conducted 15 semi-structured interviews with highly acknowledged automotive experts (primary data) and collected additional articles, interviews and press releases (secondary data). Utilizing grounded data analysis approaches, our research sheds light on the effects of opening up resources on (1) industrial standardization, (2) technological platforms and (3) product-service ecosystems. The results can serve as the basis for a theoretical model regarding the interrelations between resource openness, competitive advantage and industrial transformations, framing these concepts on an organizational and industrial level.


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