PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Conversational agents (CAs) are increasingly deployed to automate online customer service encounters. Hence, researchers and practitioners have so far predominantly addressed attributes and features of customer-facing CAs toward more efficient customer request processing. However, as CAs still regularly fail to answer complex issues, the concept of Hybrid Intelligence (HI) suggests combining artificial with human intelligence in a Hybrid Intelligence System to overcome the weaknesses of CAs and service employees (SEs) and promote their strengths leading to enhanced performance results and collaborative learning through mutual augmentation. Thus, following a Design Science Research approach, we formulate design principles (DPs) to develop an employee-facing CA for augmenting SEs simultaneously to their customer interaction. We implement a CA prototype and evaluate it with 21 participants in a user test. We found that the DPs were successfully implemented. Thereby, we contribute to practice, customer service, and HI research and provide avenues for future research.


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