PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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The online outsourcing market has attracted more and more people to join. However, clients’ facial stereotypes lead to biases in fast-paced hiring. So far, the dominant explanations for online labor market stereotypes have been limited to heuristic theories, lacking a theoretical framework that can systematically cover the complete path of stereotype generation, development, and elimination. This study aims to construct a two-stage conceptual framework of stereotype path dependence in online outsourcing markets (OOM). First, construct a path-dependence trigger mechanism based on the contextual characteristics of the OOM. Second, develop the self-reinforcing cycle of stereotypes by combining the hiring mechanism and characteristics of the OOM. We propose a two-stage intervention approach based on the constructed theoretical framework. Specifically, platforms can control the triggers of stereotype path-dependence by reducing system uncertainty, complexity, and balancing power structures or avoid stereotype reinforcement by recommending freelancers who are contrary to employer preferences.


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