PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Mobile health (mHealth) applications have the potential to assist users in tracking and monitoring their behavior with the goal of raising awareness and finally supporting a healthier lifestyle. However, current nutrition-related applications mainly support weight loss through calorie counting rather than focusing on a balanced, healthy diet. In this work, we develop a chatbot that follows a more holistic approach to tracking and monitoring one’s diet. It incorporates the principles of a food pyramid to track a personal diet via free-text input and reflect on it via visual feedback. In a seven-day user study with 18 participants, we assess the user engagement and experience by analyzing usage data and results from a pre-/post-study questionnaire. Our results provide first promising insights into the user perceptions of this alternative approach regarding usability and usefulness, nutrition self-efficacy, reflective thinking, health consciousness, as well as intentions and recommendations for future use.


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