PACIS 2021 Proceedings

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Conversational agents (CAs) represent an emerging research field in health information systems, where there are great potentials in empowering patients with timely information and natural language interfaces. Nevertheless, there have been limited attempts in establishing prescriptive knowledge on designing CAs in the healthcare domain in general, and diabetes care specifically. In this paper, we conducted a Design Science Research project and proposed three design principles for designing health-related CAs that embark on artificial intelligence (AI) to address the limitations of existing solutions. Further, we instantiated the proposed design and developed AMANDA - an AI-based multilingual CA in diabetes care with state-of-theart technologies for natural-sounding localised accent. We employed mean opinion scores and system usability scale to evaluate AMANDA’s speech quality and usability, respectively. This paper provides practitioners with a blueprint for designing CAs in diabetes care with concrete design guidelines that can be extended into other healthcare domains.



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