PACIS 2021 Proceedings

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Enterprise social media (ESM) has supported the constant connectivity routine in workplace. Existing studies have identified the negative effects of ESM use, such as technostress, but rarely have explored how constant connectivity moderates the relationships between stressors and responses, which can result in various outcomes. Grounded on technostress literature, this study aims to examine the effects of both techno-eustress and techno-distress processes in the context of ESM use and constant connectivity. Further, to better understand how to respond to technostress, we will examine the cognitive mechanism from the perspective of dual systems theory and also investigate the moderation role of constant connectivity. This study will collect survey data in two waves. This study attempts to contribute to technostress literature by identifying the mediation role of dual systems responding mechanisms in this process, and by elucidating the influence of ESM constant connectivity on individual performance.



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