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Existing research has focused on the online customization community of the toolkit mode. Meanwhile, research on the online customization community of the forum mode, especially regarding idea contribution behavior of users, is relatively scattered. Based on social capital theory, we construct a research model of the effect of users’ social capital on idea quality in online customization communities. Our data contains 13,457 users in the Lego Ideas Community. First, cluster analysis is used to divide users into four types: contributor, lurker, commenter, and celebrity. Then, multiple regression analysis is used to analyze the effect of users’ social capital on idea quality. The results of our study reveal the following: (1) network influence and the stickiness of users positively affect idea quality; (2) an inverted U-shaped relationship exists between the number of contributors and idea quality; (3) common expertise has a negative moderating effect on the turning point of the curve. the pain of paying theory, past research has explored this topic by comparing cash payment with card payments. With the flourishing of electronic commerce, the usage rate of mobile payment is rapidly increasing worldwide. Considering the evolution of the mainstream payment method, this study intends to compare the newly popular mobile payment with traditional payment methods (e.g., cash payment, card payment) in influencing consumers’ preferences towards hedonic products. We propose that consumers gradually establish associations between mobile payment and hedonic mindset in their daily lives. As a result, mobile payment triggers consumers’ hedonic mindsets, which contribute to their hedonic preferences. This study provides a new explanation for the effect of payment methods on consumers’ hedonic preferences from the perspective of the distinct features of mobile payment.

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