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Previous studies have emphasized the importance of selecting a project-specific information system development (ISD) method. In addition, timely decision making in ISD projects is increasingly important: nowadays, most ISD projects are outsourced, and all decisions affecting the outsourcing, such as ISD method (ISDM) selection, should be made before contracts are signed. However, although some ISDM selection models are presented, their practical utilization, especially timing of decisions, is seldom discussed. If a pre-project process is not clearly defined, there is a risk that the right moment for decision-making will pass. Thus, it is important to study what the situation is in practice. The data from a systematic literature review and 31 ISD expert interviews were analyzed, and, based on the findings, recommendations for pre-project process and timing of decision-making are presented. There is only a small time frame for ISDM selection, it is essential for companies to detect it.



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