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Followers’ unfollowing behavior poses the threat to competence and influence of bloggers in microblogs. Regarding unfollowing behavior as a unique type of discontinuance behavior, previous research on discontinuance primarily discussed demands-abilities misfit (e.g., overload), neglecting the role of values-supplies misfit. To fill this gap, we draw on person-environment fit theory to explore factors influencing users’ unfollowing intention from both demands-abilities and values-supplies misfit perspectives. We empirically examined the research model using a survey of 305 Sina microblog users. Results indicate that from demands-abilities misfit perspective, information overload causes fatigue feelings and increase followers’ unfollowing intention. From values-supplies misfit perspective, information irrelevance and social exclusion increase followers’ disconfirmation, thus leading to unfollowing intention. Our results also reveal the gender differences that males are more easily affected by overload and information irrelevance, while females are more easily affected by social exclusion. Both theoretical implications and practical suggestions are discussed.



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