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Preferential treatment is a vital strategy for platform owners to manage the overall value. Complementors who do not receive the preferential treatment get the short end of the stick. An interesting phenomenon is that these disadvantaged complementors are still dedicated and willing to invest time and effort in the platform. An important antecedent of complementor dedication is the existence of information asymmetry in the preferential treatment governance. However, there is a paucity of research that investigates how information asymmetry influences disadvantaged complementors’ dedication. Embarked on a qualitative study, we identify a process model that elaborates how the algorithmfacilitated information asymmetry affects disadvantaged complementors’ dedication. We highlight the role of algorithm in constituting a governance level of information asymmetry and further denotes how information asymmetry affects complementors’ risk perception and behaviors, and thus influencing dedication. This study extends the understanding of nonbeneficiaries relationship management in the digital platform literature.



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