PACIS 2020 Proceedings


Cybersecurity experts have largely agreed that cyber breaches are inevitable for any organizations and that strategy to detect and containing intrusions as quickly as possible is thus highly important. Consequently, intrusion detection efficacy has become an especially important issue for organization cybersecurity. However, although research and innovation on intrusions detection technologies have continued to advance to tackle this issue, not enough attention and support have been given to the human aspect of intrusions detection. To address this gap, this research aims to study team capabilities necessary to more accurately and speedily detect intrusions in organization information systems. In particular, this research applies ambidexterity – a form of dynamic capability – to explore and examine the importance of cybersecurity task force’s ambidexterity in enhancing intrusions detection efficacy. This research also explores and examines the social supports and social resources cybersecurity task force needs to enhance their ambidexterity from a social capital perspective.



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