PACIS 2020 Proceedings


Research exploring the link between e-government and e-business is still at a nascent stage. Motivated to advance this research area, using a quantitative study by employing publicly available data, we explore the relationships between e-government maturity, corruption, VSN diffusion, and B2C e-business use. We draw on the value framework for assessing egovernment impact, and ground our arguments on four theoretical perspectives, namely, (1) principal-client-agent theory, (2) institutional theory, (3) the strategic gap concept, and (4) Habermas' public sphere concept. Our results confirm (1) the indirect association between e-government maturity and B2C e-business use through corruption, and (2) the moderation effect of VSN diffusion on these relationships. The key contributions of this study include extending (1) the understanding of ‘e-government–e-business’ relationship by empirically establishing the role of corruption as an intervening factor; and (2) the notion of VSN as a public sphere to the business context.



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