PACIS 2020 Proceedings


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Mobile Communication Technology (MCT) enables employee to maintain constant connectivity to work, as well as, allows them to take cyber breaks from work. Prior research dominantly emphasizes on the dark sides of cyber-life-interruption, i.e. working during non-working hours using MCT, and cyberloafing, i.e. doing nonworkrelated activities during working hours using MCT. Studying these two activities on the same dimension is rare too. This research-in-progress study examines the bright sides of cyber-life-interruption and cyberloafing, and their synergy effects to tackle employee emotional problems. It, draws on role theory and attribution theory, investigates the direct effects of cyber-life-interruption and cyberloafing on work and nonwork emotional exhaustion, respectively. It also, draws on conservation of resources theory, considers the interaction between cyber-life-interruption and cyberloafing as a stress management tool. It also extends research on behavioral intervention technologies. A quantitative survey was conducted, data analysis results would be presented in the conference.



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