PACIS 2020 Proceedings


With the growing interest in product review videos on video-sharing sites, numerous variations of review videos such as unboxing videos have appeared and attracted user attention. This study investigates how distinct formats in presenting product review content are differently associated with user engagement in product review videos. Based on cognitive fit theory, matching effects between product-understanding task and content presentation format in enhancing problem-solving performances are evaluated in the context of product review videos. Two types of products (i.e., with low- vs. high-complexity in understating the key features in a product) are considered and compared under different review video formats (i.e., low- vs. high-vivid content presentations) in stimulating user engagement. 13,802 regular review and unboxing videos gathered from a leading video-sharing site were used for our empirical analyses. The research empirically substantiates that cognitive fit between product type and review video format has significant impacts on user engagement. The key findings suggest significant implications and contributions to academic research and practices producing and managing product review videos.



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