PACIS 2020 Proceedings


Creativity is of increasing importance to all kind of organizations. Moreover, Creativity Support Systems (CSS) have a long history in Information Systems (IS) research. However, findings are various and not overwhelming. In this researchin- progress paper, we want to contribute to existing literature by using a designoriented approach to start the route towards a concept of a CSS with inspiring ambient technology driven by AI and to propose further steps on how to evaluate the derived design variants (i.e., restrictive and expansive examples, texts and pictures). The justification knowledge is based on the Cognitive Network Model (CNM) and the Dual Pathway Approach to Creativity. Our work shows how to build the AI-driven CSS and how to evaluate the system in a two-step approach. The first part of the evaluation will be a qualitative ex ante evaluation in order to inform the subsequent post ante laboratory experiment.



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