PACIS 2020 Proceedings


Electronic social media has permeated into our daily lives and ‘memes’ have become a prevalent means of communicating opinions, views, and even news. Nonetheless, the trustworthiness and influence of such memes remains under-investigated. This paper, based on literature and logic, posits, using a new framework, that such memes can frequently be injurious to society by giving rise to several ‘effects’. It also reports on a preliminary test of this framework done using a survey; the initial findings provide support for the framework. The primary contribution of this research-in progress paper is that it proposes a framework to identify the ill-effects that memes may have on society. As the next step forward, the objective is to test further and enhance this framework using more empirical data and more refined analysis techniques. This research also provides direction to identify ways to censor memes to mitigate their corrosive effects on society.



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