PACIS 2020 Proceedings


The construct of social overload, i.e., the experience of too many social encounters and exposure to a greater amount of social information than an individual can cognitively cope with, was introduced to social media research by Maier et al. (2015). The question of generalizability of the relationships between social overload, its antecedents, and outcomes established in the context of Facebook becomes vital with the rapid growth of social networks with different characteristics. The present study constitutes a context-extension replication of Maier and colleagues' social overload model on Instagram. We test the original hypotheses and replicate the analyses in a sample of 211 users. Our results demonstrate that social overload represents a crossplatform phenomenon. However, not all relationships can be generalized to this new context. We discuss the deviations in results from the original study, suggest possible explanations, and provide recommendations for future research.



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