PACIS 2020 Proceedings


The recent development of open-standard inter-organizational information systems (OSIOS) has drawn an increasing attention from both the academia and industry because of the advantages in enhancing companies’ process capabilities. This study focuses on the continuous intention of firms in using OSIOS after the initial adoption stage. Drawing on the relational view of firm, this study attempts to explain identifies two critical interorganizational process capabilities (i.e. process adaptability and process alignment) and explain how these two capabilities drive firms’ continuous intention to use OSIOS. With survey data collection from manufacturing firms in China, the study adopts the threestage least squares regression to test the proposed hypotheses. The results show that internal assimilation and external diffusion of OSIOS positively affect both process adaptability and process alignment, which in turn enhances the intention of firms to continuously use OSIOS. The findings of this study fill in the current knowledge gap in understanding the post adoption stage of OSIOS.



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