PACIS 2020 Proceedings


Customers often have complex needs that cannot be met by a single service provider. Service integrators and service providers can use information technology to establish service ecosystems in order to provide customers an all-in-one solution. In this paper, we examine why hotel organizations are more willing to engage in value co-creation with service integrators than public transport organizations. We take the service-dominant logic perspective, augmented by the concept of (countervailing) power. Interviews with representatives from 26 German hotel and public transport organizations reveal a trade-off between greater satisfaction of customer needs and a potential loss of power. In contrast to hotel organizations, the service ecosystems of public transport organizations are characterized by institutional arrangements that restrict their price and place policies, and thus negatively affect their ability to develop and maintain countervailing power. Practitioners can apply our findings to design beneficial institutional arrangements and thus facilitate value co-creation.



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