PACIS 2020 Proceedings


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Researches in review sidedness have shown inconsistent findings. Some studies have indicated that two-sided reviews are perceived as more helpful than one-sided reviews, whereas other researches show the opposite. The primary purpose of this research is to figure out the sidedness effect of online consumer reviews on perceived helpfulness. The second research purpose is to assess the roles of product types (i.e., search vs. experience goods) and product attribution for the relationship between review sidedness and perceived helpfulness. This study recruited 193 respondents to participate in our experiment. The results show that review sidedness positivity affects readers’ perceived helpfulness via the mediator of product attribution. Besides, product types moderate the effect of review sidedness on product attribution and perceived helpfulness. This research finds that the sidedness effect is stronger for search goods than that for experience goods condition. The empirical results support most of our hypotheses.



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