PACIS 2019 Proceedings


The most recent consumer propensity study by SAP indicates that online shopping cart abandonment is high and the associated reasons are complex. In order to examine this phenomenon, we construct online SCA decision as a discrete choice model (DCM) and capture consumer segments by a latent class model (LCM) in this research-in-progress (RIP) paper, grounded on the theories of product involvement, word of mouth, and consumer heterogeneity. We will apply the clickstream dataset from 78,746 consumers at a large Chinese online platform to verify the proposed models in future study. The objective of this research project is to scrutinize the heterogeneous impacts of product involvement and online reviews on shopping cart decision-making in view of individual-level sequential behavior and the associated products in the form of stock-keeping-unit items. We conclude this RIP paper with the discussion of potential theoretical contributions and managerial implications.