E2.0 facilitates the efficient collaboration of employers and workers across departmental boundaries. The exponential growth of nascent enterprise-level social network platforms implies important impacts on employees’ daily working styles and the implementation decisions made regarding these platforms represent the significant digital innovation. Despite this importance, limited effort has been devoted to understanding whether company senior managers’ leadership influences employees’ commitment to E2.0-driven change. Using a novel proprietary dataset from a leading E2.0 platform, we investigate the impact of change leadership perceived by employees on the implementation of E2.0. The sample includes information on 575 paid customers (i.e. firms) with 65,407 individual users and 2,286 previous customers with 99,807 individual users from 2011-2016. Our research will provide key insights for several groups of stakeholders, including platform developers, company senior managers, and workers. The expected contribution and practical implications are discussed.