The vlogging popularity provides a prospective channel for marketers and vloggers to influence viewers’ buying decision. A vlog presents various stimulus that may affect viewers to impulse purchase. However, studies examining the stimulus in the vlog context and how their effects on impulse buying behaviors are still limited. Three aspects, namely vlogger- related factors, task-related factors, and mood-related factors, are identified as the stimulus. These aspects are psychologically processed by perceived enjoyment, perceived usefulness, and parasocial interaction leading to the urgency to buy impulsively. The Stimulus Organism Response (SOR) model is adapted to construct a model in explaining impulse buying behavior in the vlog context. Analysis of 1084 responses shows the urgency to buy impulsively is affected by parasocial interaction and perceived usefulness. Attitude homophily of the vloggers strongly influences parasocial interaction and informativeness strongly influences perceived usefulness.