Positive Circle Sharing Behavior: From Disaster Evangelist Lens

Rose Alinda Alias, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Nor Intan Saniah S., Universiti Utara Malaysia
Ruzleeta Z., Universiti Utara Malaysia
Pervaiz A., Monash University


In the past decade, the rising usage of social media tool called Facebook has been quite famous in Malaysia. Social media which is focusing on Facebook become a perfect channel for any kind group of people to share their knowledge. Currently, disaster information is one of the highlighted issues in managing the welfare activities to the victim in Malaysia. Therefore, this paper aims to explore the creative way for disaster information during flood disaster happen last December 2014 in East of Malaysia. From social media we seems to seek a better understanding on how the society react and share their knowledge and the perspective would influence their sharing knowledge behaviour in help the humanities support. Hence, we discover ways in collecting and preparing information how the acceptance from local community in nurturing the sharing behaviour expertise through Facebook. From this initial study, analyzing thirty posts from the content of Facebook page the post-disaster volunteers in social media who work out voluntarily in help the floods victims has been done. The analyses done through content analysis based on existing theoretical framework, which is Knowledge Sharing Behaviour Theory Framework. The findings showing the great impact on Knowledge Sharing Behaviour on Facebook through Likes element besides Comments and Share elements.This paper proposed a model that contains potential perception may influence of knowledge sharing behaviour among volunteer people and related community for future work.