While much of Information Systems literature has investigated the mechanism between privacy concerns and acceptance of IT application, little research has studied the role of privacy perception moderated by notice and consent in the context of mobile apps installation. Understanding mechanism of notice and consent, we investigate the role of privacy perceptions, increased awareness then how it affects the decision of mobile app installation. To better understand this incautiousness, we build on the theoretical support of privacy attention and information boundary theory. This paper aims at encapsulating the results of the relationship between the different levels of perception to install the mobile application when different messages – Threat, Safety, and Neutral message. We conduct a survey model to between subject groups with different intervening messages. We assume that users’ privacy perceptions formed previously may differently affect to their awareness of the notice and consent messages at the moment of installing an app. We conclude that previous perceptions about the threat of privacy affect to the awareness of notice and consent messages. The result shows that regardless of the advantage of the notice and consent message; information boundary mechanism does not work for the people have a positive perception of safety.