Health 2.0 is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. The features and functionalities of social media make it suitable for health-related communication. Many healthcare organizations use social media however, the value that they derive from it is unclear. At the moment, there is no consensus on how best the value derived from Health 2.0 can be measured. In order to address this problem, this study explores how Australian healthcare organizations derive value from Health 2.0, and how the derived value can be measured. It is expected that this study will make significant contributions to both theory and practice. The study will put forward a Health 2.0 value-evaluation framework, based on both the research findings, and IS literature. The outcome of this study would help healthcare organizations to understand how value is derived from Health 2.0 and how to measure it. The result of this study will also provide digital health leaders with relevant information that would enable them to make better investment decisions. Overall, the findings of this study will help healthcare organizations to design social media strategies that can yield tangible value.