Increasing concerns about climate change mean that more and more enterprises hare adopting green strategies that complement their business, operations, and asset strategies. In addition, as information technology (IT) has permeated business processes and supply chains, the use of socalled Green IT can offer an important way to alleviate climate change reduce costs, and improve their public image. The key points with regard to the use of such technology are employee satisfaction and their continuance usage intention of Green IT. This study thus adopts the expectation disconfirmation theory (EDT) to develop a research model that examines the continuance intention to use Green IT. The research hypotheses derived from this model will be empirically validated using the data collected from employees of organizations that use Green IT. The research results are expected to shed lights on how the key influencing factors of green IT usage, including perceived value, disconfirmation of value, perceived service quality, and disconfirmation of service quality, may influence user satisfaction and continuance intention to use such IT in organizations. As a result, the results of this study can provide managers with guidelines regarding promoting the use of Green IT in their organizations.