Personalization can play an important role for m-government to provide the right service to potential users at this moment. Due to the widespread of m-government services annually by government agencies, citizens feel burdened with the services and they do not know which services are appropriate for them. Hence, personalization can enable the citizens to obtain information from the government easily and quickly based on their needs. This study explores the literature review regarding the benefits of personalization of m-government and identifies the key personalized attributes in m-government. The benefits of m-government services then were proved by conducting the questionnaire survey to respondent at five selected government agencies which are JPJ, JPN, MOE, MPM and KPDNKK. In this study, researchers related to m-government and personalized m-government were collected and the purposes of identifying the attributes were stated. To achieve this, 36 articles obtained for this study from Science Direct (9), IEEE Digital Library (8), Springer Link (8), ACM Digital Library (6) and Emerald Insight (5) databases covering the period from 2006 to 2016 have been analyzed based on the attributes of personalized m-Government. This study also gives an idea to the researchers regarding the appropriate attributes in providing the personalization of m-government services that are effective and easy to use. The research result can provide insights and acts as a guideline for researchers to study important aspects of the personalization of m-government services that can facilitate the development of m-government services.