The purpose of this paper is to understand important variables that impact individual performance within a team. This will enhance knowledge management within a team context and facilitate competence development of individuals. This research proposes and examines a multi-level model which elaborates how transactive memory system and job competence (i.e., technology competence and teamwork competence) affect individual performance. An empirical study was conducted with 19 teams of television news reporters, with 211 valid survey responses. Hierarchical linear modeling was applied to analyze the data. The result indicated that transactive memory system and technology competence helped to improve a reporter’s job performance. Furthermore, the relationships were fully mediated by teamwork competence. Our findings thus suggest teamwork competence is the core. Neither technology competence nor transactive memory system will necessarily translate directly into enhanced individual performance. Therefore, for organizational investment on transactive memory system and digital technologies to take effect, management should help develop the employee’s teamwork competence.