Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a holistic approach that not only limited to Information Technology (IT) but also align with the business. EA is not just a tool to be used in a financially competitive world; it is a tool that can help to improve the efficiency of organisation and serves as an instrument for exposing the need for transformation. Consequently, interest in EA in the public sector is increasing in receiving attention. However, to success in EA practices in an organisation yet a concern. The primary aim of this research is to explore the readiness factors that influence the successful EA establishment in Malaysian Public Sector (MPS). Using qualitative approach, the exploration has been made through systematic review and semi-structured interview in with EA experts and practitioners. The data from purposeful and emergent sampling strategies have been analysed using Deductive Qualitative Analysis (DQA). The findings highlighted 17 readiness factors that can be categorised into four main s elements which are Enterprise Environment, Process, People and Technology. In the future, these readiness factors will be analysed on its suitability to be set of readiness assessment criteria towards successful EA establishment in MPS.