Information and knowledge leakage has become a significant security risk to Australian organizations. Each security incident in Australian business cost an average US$2.8 million. Furthermore, Australian organisations spend the second most worldwide (US$1.2 million each on average) on investigating and assessing information breaches. The leakage of sensitive organizational information occurs through different avenues, such as social media, cloud computing and mobile devices. In this study, we (1) analyze the knowledge leakage risk (KLR) caused by the use of mobile devices in knowledge-intensive Australian organizations, (2) present a conceptual research model to explain the determinants that influence KLR through the use of mobile devices grounded in the literature, (3) conduct interviews with security and knowledge managers to understand what strategies they use to mitigate KLR caused by the use of mobile devices and (4) use content analysis and the conceptual model to frame the preliminary findings from the interviews.