Electronic Information Sharing in Transforming the Provision of Education Services to the Yemeni Public Universities

Eman Y., School of Computing, UUM
Huda I., School of Computing, UUM


Information sharing is one of the important aspects that improve the quality of businesses and organizations. With the advent of information and communication technology (ICT), electronic information sharing could transform the provision of services to universities with the right and quality information, and with minimum cost. Yemen Center Information Technology of Higher Education (YCIT_HE) in Yemen provide services to the Yemeni public universities. However, not all Yemeni public universities are able to share information electronically due to low experiences and insufficient resources, such as information. The lack of electronic information sharing between the Yemeni public universities and YCIT-HE is considered as a critical gap in order to increase the quality and relevance of information in supporting good decision making. Four dimensions or layers of electronic information sharing (environmental, technological, organizational and individual) with twelve factors have been proposed in this study to determine the potential in enhancing the provision of education services to the universities. Cloud computing and social media are included with an expectation to bring a transformation in the provision of services to universities.