This study examines the success of in-feed advertisements on social media. As social media is growing in popularity, advertisers have increased their spending on these media. Out of various forms of advertising in-feed advertising has been especially successful in generating click-through rates and comments as compared to other forms of advertising, such as banner ads, pop-up ads. This study attempts to focus on two types of in-feed ad features, namely, consistency and sociability and to evaluate their effects on consumers’ perceptions of goal impediment, ad clutter and ad avoidance. We find that consistency helps to minimize both perceived goal impediment and perceived ad clutter. However, this influence is insignificant among telic users. Perceived sociability is found to mitigate users’ perceptions of in-feed ads as interruptions(ad clutter and goal impediment) as well as avoidance of these ads. Implication for research and theory are presented.