With the rapid development of social Web and electronic commerce, the potential consumers seek for product-related information before making a purchase decision from various online resources. Among all kinds of online resources, customer review provides critical product features that general consumers might care the most about their opinions. The discussion boards play another vital role for peer communication online to share the user-generated content. The social network generated in the discussion boards are not only the relationship among the users led by their behaviour’s in the community but also the interpretational information. With the rich online resources, consumers easily to get ideas about their purchase decisions. However, there is a lack of integration of these rich online resources that cause consumers overwhelmed by information. This study particularly investigates customer review and social network and explores how two social resources associated with each other to improve the insight into each user’s preference with a social role they act. By tracking hidden trends on posts and capturing consumers’ preference altogether, this study can guide and recommend marketing practitioners to launch the advertising campaigns and make use of the dissatisfied comments on specific product feature. Meanwhile, the product designer can gain some insights to modify the functionality of a product or a service.