Omni-channel services based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have emerged in various business environments. To enhance hospital’s service quality and maximize benefits as well as provide seamless customer experience, this study applies IoT technology based on NFC, iBeacon(inclusing wearable devices) as an omnichannel service for integration of online and offline channel in hospital. First, we develop services based on IoT technology for omni channel of the hospital. Then, we will evaluate omni channel services from a CRM and BPI point of view through interview. To develop the IoT technology based on NFC, iBeacon, we conducted action research. The five phases in action research framework research include diagnosing, action planning, action taking, evaluation, and specifying learning phases. In this study, we focus on action planning, action taking, evaluation. At the action planning phases, eleven service models based on IoT technology for omni channel for hospital were designed. Service models were applied to the hospital by installing tags and beacons at the third phase. At the fourth phases, service models issues and knowledge on the whole application process were derived and summarized with respect to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BPI (Business Process Innovation) of hospital.