The increasing number of smartphone which are pre-equipped GPS module and ability to install social network applications makes a better chance than ever to combine and exploiting the advantages of location-based technologies and social network. By using these technologies, users not only share their locations on social network but also get useful information from friends which could indirectly promote for their locations and their services. Promoting location sharing becomes an indispensable part of social network which may bring a great business opportunity. However, user from different cultures tend to have different location sharing behaviors, therefore the performance of business models of location sharing on social network are also distinctive. Thus, the purpose of this study is to investigate the role of culture in location sharing behavior among social network users by answering the question of the role of benefits, trust, and social influence on attitude to share the location information.Moreover, this study try to evaluate the impact of incentive given to the user by sharing appointed location and the impact of positive feedback on location sharing behavior.