The class of business intelligence (BI) systems is used as a basis for decision making in most big organizations. Extensive initiatives have been launched to accomplish adequate and timely decision support as an important factor to achieve and sustain competitive advantage. Within turbulent market environments it is challenging to keep up a distinguishable long-term strategy while quickly reacting to changing circumstances. This area of conflicts holds particularly true for BI as it is originally used to retrospectively reflect an organization’s performance and built upon stability and efficiency. Therefore, we investigate how dynamic BI capabilities, i.e. adoption of assets, market understanding and intimacy as well as business operations, impact the agility of BI. We approach our goal from a dynamic capability perspective. Starting from a literature review of dynamic capabilities of information systems (IS) and BI, we propose hypotheses to connect dynamic BI capabilities and BI agility. Derived hypotheses based on existing literature will be tested in our prospective research agenda. A small pre-study showed promising results. In-memory (IM) technology seems to be a technology enabler for agile BI. However, adoption of BI assets and the focus on market orientation and business operations may even intensify the positive effect.