The knowledge base that have accumulated through decades of research within the field of Information Systems appear to provide little to no new insights on how best to resolve longstanding challenges, such as lack of fit between systems and work that give rise to user resistances. The approach and view on the IS design, development and implementation also lacks a complexity perspective, suggesting an imperative for a fresh lens on the current landscape. This thesis proposes that bringing forth ‘work’ into the field of Information Systems will assist in informing the social factors and inconsistencies between how business processes contradicts the realities of work. Work is fused with competing demands, expectations, contest and conflict. For some theorists, work relates to our being in society. It is anticipated that understanding the contradictions of work as a ‘creative tension’ will assist in building IS that enhances and supports the purpose of work. Nine interviews have been conducted with employees of a large technology company in Victoria, Australia. Data was analysed using a Meaning Interpretation methodology, which embraces both Constructionist and Critical perspectives. Preliminary findings reveal interesting concepts that have both challenged and confirmed the study.

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