Verification and validation are two important processes in the software system lifecycle. Despite the importance of these processes, a recent survey has shown that testing of data warehouse systems is currently neglected. The survey participants named besides others modest budget and the lack of appropriate tools as potential reasons for this circumstance. In order to verify these reasons, the paper at hand presents an evaluation of unit testing tools suitable for data warehouse testing. To address the modest budget problem, the range of evaluation candidates is limited to no charge, open source solutions, namely AnyDbTest, BI.Quality, DbFit, DbUnit, NDbUnit, SQLUnit, TSQLUnit, and utPLSQL. The evaluation follows the IEEE 14102-2010 guidelines for evaluation and selection of computeraided software engineering tools in order to guarantee benefits from a practioners’ as well as scientific point of view. It results in a detailed overview of how the testing tools meet criteria such as different testing functionalities. At least one tool, namely DbFit, can be identified as a promising candidate with regard to the requirements.