Social media platforms are becoming desired and efficient communication channel in a variety of markets. As a result of that, fan pages on social media platforms are now playing a central role in customer-firm interactions and firms are scrambling to come up with social media strategies for their stakeholders. Extant research largely focuses on marketing on social media platforms and effect of fan page activity on consumer behaviour and firm profitability; little attention has been paid to customer and firm interactions on social media platforms. A few recent studies have explored adaptation of customer-firm interaction strategies from traditional media, in social media contexts. In this research, we investigate user behaviour on firms’ fan pages on social media platforms. We have collected data about user engagement on firms’ twitter pages for five consequent years. We find that users employ social media platform features for their need to gain knowledge and gratification. Further, contrary to popular belief, firms are more likely to follow quiet consumers than vocal fans. Practical implications of our findings have been discussed.