Difficulties in using information and communication technologies (ICT) are blocking possibilities to improve the quality of life for many people in their advanced years. The difficulties are particularly acute in developing countries, some of which have rapidly aging populations. Training in ICT can help overcome these difficulties, but so far, experiences in provision of this training have been obtained mainly from developed countries. This paper reviews difficulties that elderly people have in using computers, and lessons learned on ICT training. Then, it discusses the possibilities of ICT training for developing countries. ICT training should focus on enhancing the communication abilities of the elderly, enabling them to search information online, and stimulating their hobbies and interests. While training organizations such as Universities of the Third Age, community information centers, ICT associations for seniors, and home teaching have been used, we argue that home teaching can have merit for elderly people ICT training in developing countries. This paper can help future empirical research to build comprehensive recommendations regarding developing countries.