Lack of motivation is a serious problem in wiki-based collaboration process. The original wiki is designed to hide authorship information. Such design may hinder users from being aware of task conflict, resulting in undesired outcomes (e.g., lack of motivation, and suppressed knowledge exchange activities). This research-in-progress tries to motivate students to participate in wiki-based collaborative learning project by increasing awareness of task conflict. Two tools were proposed to solve problems caused by lack of task conflict clues, such as low level of motivation, content trust, knowledge exchange, and sense of audience. A field test was executed to evaluate new designs. We propose to invite active participants from the field test and use focus group interview to explain how awareness of task conflict motivates participation in collaborative learning. This research-inprogress has the potential to lead to various theoretical and practical implications. For example, the results will enhance the literature on task conflict and user motivation, help platforms design motivation mechanisms.