Over the last decade, an increasing number of firms are undertaking actions to cut their environmental impact. As information technology and information systems have permeated most business activities, they offer an important opportunity to solve the ecological problems. Green information technology and information systems (ITIS) has become one of the latest considerations to reduce energy consuming of IT operation and business operation. Firstly, the paper makes a definition of green IT and green IS based on the prior literature, and concludes the three aspects of green ITIS adoption motivations: regulations, competitiveness and ecological responsibility. Next, the paper looks into the role of business strategy in the process of green ITIS adoption, which can be classified into proactive strategy and reactive strategy. Finally, based on the technology-organization-environment (TOE) framework, the paper proposes a green ITIS adoption model including the factors of business strategy, and three aspects of green ITIS motivations under the instruction of corporate social responsibility (CSR) theoretical perspective.